हमारे नान-स्टेट एक्टर क्यो नहीं बोलते हैं?

हमारे नान-स्टेट एक्टर क्यो नहीं बोलते हैं?

जब मुंबई पर 26/11 पर पाकिस्तानी हमला किया गया था तब वहां के राष्ट्रपति जरदारी ने कहा था कि ये नान-स्टेट एक्टर द्वारा किया गया काम है और इसमें पाकिस्तानी सरकार का कोई हाथ नहीं है। 

हाल ही में दुबई में इस्राइल के खुफिया विभाग मोसाद (सरकारी स्टेट एक्टर) ने जबर्दस्त खुफिया कार्यवाही को अंजाम देते हुये हमास के नेता को मार दिया।  

नान-स्टेट एक्टर  Non-State Actors

दोनों ही तरह की घटनाओं को देखें तो पता चलता है अलग अलग तरह के स्टेट और नान-स्टेट एक्टर मिला कर किसी देश की कूटनीति और रणनीति चलती रहता है। 

पर भारत के संदर्भ में इसकी बात की जाय तो कोई भी एक्टर इस तरह का काम करता नजर नहीं आता। 

हाल ही में मुजफ्फराबाद और लाहौर में लश्कर के आतंकियों खासकर हाफिज सईद और अन्य ने भारत के खिलाफ जिहाद करने और भारत पर बम विस्फोट करने के भाषण दिये थे। 

कहने को तो भारत में कई नान-स्टेट एक्टर जैसे कि आरएसएअ, बजरंग दल, विश्व हिंदु परिषद, जमाते इस्लामी, मुस्लिम स्वयं सेवक संघ, माओवादी नक्सली, हुरियत कांफ्रेंस और कई सरकारी स्टेट एक्टर जैसे कि रॉ, आईबी, सेना, पुलिस इत्यादि सब हैं लेकिन किसी ने भी हाफिज सईद की बात का विरोध नहीं किया, किसी ने नहीं कहा कि हम ईंट का जबाव पत्थर से देंगे, किसी ने नही कहा कि हम भी जैसे को तैसा जबाव देंगे।

एक फिल्मी एक्टर ने जरूर कहा कि पाकिस्तान एक महान देश है और वहां के खिलाडियों को भारत में क्रिकेट खेलना चाहिये बाकी फिल्मी एक्टर चुप्पी लगा गये। आखिर ऐसा क्यों नही हो सकता कि  यहां पर भी पाकिस्तान की तरह से नान-स्टेट एक्टर पाकिस्तान को वैसा ही जवाब दें जैसा वहां के नान-स्टेट एक्टर भारत के लिये बोलते हैं। 


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  2. @ Anonymous,

    Yes I am a Women and Hindu and my blood boils when I listen how they are threatening to blow up our cities and people. May be you are coward by not me and my brothers.


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  3. OK first thank you for your amazing blog sarkarinaukri.
    I always visit it for job search.
    and i personally feel that this site should be the official site for government jobs
    good work
    but writing article is entirely different thing.
    I am not coward .
    phir agar insan aur shaitan ma koi farak n rkha jay to phir ye duniya nark nahi ban jayegi.
    imagin india threw 2 nuclear bombs on pakistan they will threw 1
    what we get blood only blood ,india,s development goes 20 years back .who need this .i don't.

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  4. manish you didnt specify kiska comment dekh kar khush ho

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  5. whether u r woman or man I am with u always.

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  6. When Mumbai was attacked on 26/11 Pakistani President Zardari said there was then that non - work done by the state actor and there is no hand of the Pakistani government. Recently, Israel's intelligence department in Dubai Mosad (Official State actor) would carry out a massive intelligence operation Hamas leader killed rooted. Both refer to such events, it shows different types of State and Non - including State actor is a country's diplomacy and strategy moving. In the context of India on this matter, any actor jaay do not see this kind of work. Recently LeT militants in Muzaffarabad and Lahore Hafiz Saeed and others, especially against India and India on the bombing of jihad had given speeches. To say so many non Nen India - State actor such as Arsaa, Bajrang Dal, Hindu Council Bisl, Jamaat Islami, Sewak Sangh Mslim itself, the Maoist Naxalites, and many government State actor such as conference Huriyt RAW, IB, military, police, etc. All but none of Hafiz Saeed did not oppose it, no one said we would stone brick answer, not someone that we will answer tit for tat, one shot for sure that Pakistan is a great actor Nen country and its players want to play cricket in India were the other film actor was silence. Why can not you do this all the way here from Pakistan on the Non - State actor to respond to Pakistan the same as its non - State actor speak for India.

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  7. bhai is mamle me mai bhi aapke sath hoon ,
    bhai bharat ek gantantra rashtya hai isliye yaha sabko aazadi hai yaha tak ki yaha par rahne wale terrorist or unke himayati ko bhi. ab baat karte hai hamare netao ki jinhe ye chinta nahi hai ki desh kidher jaa raha hai ya desh wasi kya chah rahe hai unhe to chinta hai jitna election me lagaya utna ya usse bhi adhik kaise kamaya jaye.. aise me desh k liye sochne k liye time kahaa hai
    Agr hum dusre desh ko dekh kar bhi sikhte to hum aaj purane problem se kahi aage rahte. kheto me ghas ke patte chhatne se ghas kabhi nahi marta use ukhad kar phekna hi padta hai. aap mera matlab samajh sakte hai.
    par yaha ek kanoon banaya to dusra sahyog nahi karke usse oppose karega then humra kya bhala hoga..
    galti hamari bhi hai hum hi ek daliye sarkar nahi chunte hai jisse yeah taya ho sake ki this party is right or wrong.
    balki yaha to gadbad jhala hai.

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  8. ss like bajrang dal VHP all are politically motivated institution they have nothing to do with the love with nation or RASTRABHAKTI they keep their pockets intake with money
    second u r right manisha but wat to do may be indians are not naturally aggressive they only react when one attack their home only nobody is bothered about nation infact they abuse nation all the time
    see the problem lies in history we got india in 1947 only by begging had we won india by blood or by war (just happend in 1857 revolution ) then only we would have realised the importance of nation and rastrabhakti.

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  9. Its true Narrendra we never ever think of replying madness of pakistaan or china there were no. of events when Pakistani ISI done many operations in India where our RAW and IB was just like a Popat a very hard fact is our RAW and IB budget is 3 times then the budget allotted to Pakistaani ISI --here I am not considering the currency exchange rate which is 1 INR = 1.75 PKR we have 3 time nation then Pakistaan here the major problem is not our politics the main concern are we peoples who made the nation who choose the government who make the president and ministers we Indian are famous in PROPOGANDA WAR not good in real time war we are by nature opportunist and coward still divided in caste and in state matter SEE A REAL EXAMPLE IN MAHARASHTRA HOW THAT BLOODY THE SON OF PIG "RAJ THAKARY" RAISING THE VOICE "AMMCHI MUMBAI" NEVER SAID "AAMCHA INDIA / BHARAT" HE IS ALSO SUPPORTED BY OUR FELLOW INDIAN PEOPLES SO WHY WE INDIAN DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRUTH THERE IS A PROBLEM IN OURSELF NOT IN THE SYSTEM SYSTEM IS WHAT WE WANT TO MAKE OR WE WANT TO SEE IT WILL BE LIKE THAT

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